Frank Pandozzi, Host/Executive Producer

Frank is a history buff, avid metal detectorist and entrepreneur.Frank's expansive knowledge of map reading, history and rugged detecting adds to the excitement of EHT. Frank is the author of several books including Solomon's Gift and North Side Story, which is currently being produced as a documentary. Frank took his decades long love for exploring history's treasures and turn it into an adventure TV series. Frank lives in Upstate New York with his lovely wife Debra. Frank also has a son and daughter-in-law living in Virginia.




John Decharo, Co-Star

John knows his way around rugged terrain, finding history and understanding it. A life-long history lover and metal detectorist, John really knows how to read the lay of the land. With a unique calmness and great sense of humor, John begins to weave a tale for audiences in this series. John lives in Upstate New York with his wife and family.



R. Mike Austin, Co-Star

Mike is a telecom specialist who began diving in 1971 and after service in the USCG. He then went on to commercial dive school where his training in SAT diving, salvage, explosives and U/W welding started. Using unique research and permitting methods
along with sidescan and robotics, he has focused on marine searches everywhere the tips may lead.

Educated in business, RF Engineering, computer science and Dive science, Mike is the creator of the CoinVac recovery system for swim areas and old resort areas. Based on the proven Keene platform, this is the most environmentally sound recovery available!

Currently writing a new and comprehensive book on what it takes to go pro in the treasure field and look into his adventures of emeralds in the Caribbean and
gold in the Amazon to diamonds in the sand.



Ryan Prucker, Executive Producer/Production

Ryan is the President and award-winning producer of Imagelight Advertising & Production, LLC. Ryan, along with Frank created Exploring History's Treasures as a way to merge history, treasure hunting and nature. Ryan has produced a number of television series, documentaries and other projects including Three Course Delight, Journey of Courage, The Bottom Line with Ryan Prucker and more. Ryan is also the author of Cause AN Effect: How to Increase Business, Attract Customers and Look Good...Starting Today. Ryan lives in the Washington DC area with his wife.










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