What People are Saying

"My wife and I have really enjoyed viewing your Exploring Historys Treasure,”
Harold S., Alaska

“I have been teaching local history for 22 years. And when Mr. Pandozzi came to our Junior high class with a video of his TV series, my classes were speechless, thank you, and attentive. I think they learned more from his series in one viewing than what I tried to teach in an entire semester.”
Mary B. Teacher, New York

“I was excited, captivated and feeling adventurous after viewing the first episode of Ghost Towns. I’ve driven by hundreds of these areas not knowing they existed. Hurry up second episode.
Jill M. Fayettevile, NY

"Just finished up your dvd on the Ghost Towns Of The East Series. Just
wanted you to know It was A+. I really appreciated viewing it."

Dick K., North Carolina

"To Exploring History’s Treasures Producers, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your DVD". Harry M., Roswell, Georgia


The Show

Exploring History’s Treasures is the first and only TV series about metal detecting, adventure and history, all in one exciting television series. In this complete 13 episode series, you’ll travel rugged lands untouched for hundreds of years to explore the lost Ghost Towns of the East. You’ll follow in the 1756 footsteps of the French & Indian War, and uncover links to the past on 19th century homesteads and Revolutionary War Sites. Plus, you experience the harsh conditions of a 19th century logging camp, and the tragedy that occurred. Produced by Award Winning Executive Producer Ryan Prucker of Imagelight Advertising & Production,LLC. Feel the excitement as Frank Pandozzi and John Decharo discover that every generation leaves their mark.


Ghost Towns of the East Series
Travel with adventurers Frank W. Pandozzi and John Decharo while they blaze trails through rugged, uninhabited land as they search for the lost settlements of hundreds of years ago. Pandozzi says that, “Many people do not realize that ghost towns exist in the Eastern states. Ghost towns in the East are just not as visible as they are in the Western States.” Through metal detecting they find traces of the past and re-envision what life was like.


The March to Fort Bull Series:
The team retraces the footsteps of the 1756 French and Indian War, as young French Lieutenant Gasper Joseph Delery lead 352 French and Indian Warriors on a harsh 170 mile march to one of the most gruesome confrontations in order to conquer a British Ammunitions Dump.
Join Frank W. Pandozzi and John Decharo as they endure the same harsh conditions and long journey, to bring you a little known story that puts YOU inside the mind of this fearless leader.
It's a facinating, epic journey...and it starts here.
The March to Fort Bull.


Mysteries Uncovered Series:
Using metal detectors, the team converges on a 19th century Ghost Town with fellow adventurers as they search over 100 acres for clues. Suddenly, something goes wrong; and then, a fascinating connection leads the adventures to one of history’s most tragic events. Then, with their metal detectors, the team of adventures explore a French & Indian War encampment. Watch them discover clues to the past, and feel the excitement as one of them unearths an exciting piece of history.

Logging Camps of the 19th Century Series:
They were lumberjacks who lived and worked year round in extreme conditions. Now their lives come to life. The team brings in a logging expert. Together, they discover what life was like on one of these camps. While, investigating and reconstructing a logging camp of the 19th century, the team discovers the burnt remains of a
once-upon-a-time thriving camp.





Where to See Exploring History's Treasures

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